Architectural Design Services

Plans and designs that suit the needs and desires of the customers. Architectural design services include different stages of study, planning, design, execution, and supervision of architectural projects.

Create your project with us with architectural design services

Do you want to achieve your architectural vision with the best quality, efficiency, and creativity? Are you looking for a specialized and reliable company that offers you architectural design services with high quality and reasonable price? Do you need a partner who offers you innovative and integrated solutions that suit your taste and needs? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We are Al-Haddad Engineering Consultancy, and we offer you architectural design services with professionalism and experience according to the latest trends and standards.

Architectural Design Services
Architectural Design Services

Activities and tasks of architectural design

Interior design services are services that include planning, coordinating, and executing interior projects. 
  • Choosing the colors, materials, furniture, lighting, accessories, and decorations that suit the space, function, and budget.
    Drawing the plans, engineering drawings, and 3D perspectives of the project and presenting them to the client for approval.
  • Coordinating with the suppliers, contractors, craftsmen, and stakeholders to execute the project according to the specifications and the defined schedule.
  • Monitoring and controlling the progress, quality, cost, and solving the problems and obstacles that may occur during the execution.

Why choose our company for architectural design services?

Our company is a leading company in the field of architectural design services, and we offer you many advantages, such as:
  • Our long and diverse experience in designing and executing large and complex architectural projects in various sectors and fields.
  • Our qualified, professional, cooperative, and committed team to provide the best services and results for our customers.
  • Our high standards and accurate monitoring of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in every stage of the project.
  • Our technologies, systems, and tools that are modern and advanced that help us improve, accelerate, and facilitate the process of architectural design.
  • Our good reputation and relationships with our customers, partners, implementers, and organizers.
  • Our competitive and reasonable prices for the budget and the fair and transparent financial return.


Engineering Supervision Services

Experience 15 Years

Best team work

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Common Questions

Do you have questions about architectural design services? Do you want to know more about Al-Haddad Engineering Consultancy and its diverse and specialized services in the fields of interior, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and environmental design? Do you need a free consultation for your project? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. On this page, we will answer some of the common questions about engineering project management services and Al-Haddad Engineering Consultancy, and we will explain to you how we can help you achieve your projects with the highest levels of quality, efficiency, and professionalism.

What are architectural design services?

Architectural design services are services that are offered by companies or engineering offices that specialize in designing, planning, coordinating, and executing architectural projects of various types and stages. These services aim to create buildings, facilities, areas, and cities that are characterized by beauty, function, innovation, sustainability, and integration with the environment and society.


What is the expected budget for architectural design services?

  • The type, size, nature, and application of the architectural project.
  • The type, quantity, and quality of the materials, raw materials, and finishes used in the project.
  • The type, level, duration, and complexity of the services provided by the company or architectural office.

What are the types of architectural design services?

Architectural design services provide many benefits for the owner, user, society, and environment, such as:
  • It enables the creation of buildings, facilities, areas, and cities that are characterized by beauty, splendor, luxury, creativity, excellence, diversity, harmony, harmony, balance, harmony, identity, expression, impression, attractiveness, charm, influence.
  • Function: It enables the creation of buildings, facilities, areas, and cities that are characterized by function, effectiveness, efficiency, comfort, suitability, flexibility, adaptation, response, improvement, development, updating, renewal, transformation, change, improvement, and development.
  • Innovation: It enables the creation of buildings, facilities, areas, and cities that are characterized by innovation, experimentation, exploration, invention, discovery, visualization, imagination, thinking, analysis, design, execution, evaluation, learning, teaching, publishing, and dissemination.


What are the advantages of architectural design services?

There are many different types of architectural design services, some of the common types are:
  • Architectural design services for residential buildings, such as villas, apartments, residential complexes, camps, resorts, hotels, chalets, cabins, and tents.

  • Architectural design services for commercial buildings, such as shops, offices, warehouses, factories, exhibitions, malls, restaurants, cafes, theaters, and cinemas.

  • Architectural design services for public buildings, such as schools, universities, hospitals, health centers, libraries, museums, mosques, churches, temples, and cemeteries.

  • Architectural design services for sports buildings, such as stadiums, halls, clubs, swimming pools, gardens, amusement parks, adventures, and games.

  • Architectural design services for areas and cities, such as planning, organizing, and developing.

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